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  • Will it be worth it?

    I'm a groomer in PA. After nearly 9 years of being widowed, I married a wonderful man from Ohio (yay me!) and I travel back and forth, spending about two weeks in each state. (I have a farm and a large extended family in PA that need my help and that's why I go back and forth.)

    Groomers are hard to find, so I was able to retain my job in PA and work there two weeks out of each month.

    I'm considering starting a house call business here in Ohio. I'm only looking to groom 9-12 dogs each week and only two weeks out of each month, since I have a lot of obligations already. I'm really hoping to be able to supplement our income and using my grooming skills seems like the best route.

    I'm provided with all the supplies needed in PA, so to do this, I would have to invest in my own supplies to use in OH.

    Since I have no experience in this realm, I really need some solid advice.


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    The successful house call groomers I know in NYC bring very few supplies. A clipper, blades, shampoo, scissors, nail trimmers, etc., to fit into a large backpack. No table, no towels, no cleaning tools. So you can bring as little or as much as you want. They groom small dogs only. Good luck.


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      I don't know how soon you are entering this venture, but on January 31st the survey results for grooming prices will be released on this site, and they do a price breakdown state by state for your services. Using this information for Ohio will give you an average price point to see if this is a viable option. I have a select group of clients that I currently groom in their homes and there are a few extra considerations. If you are grooming larger dogs that will not fit in a utility sink, then you may want a memory foam bath mat or kneepads for kneeling by the tub. Don't forget to pack a bath curry/brush. A walk in shower with a sprayer is best for larger dogs. Maybe you want to put a size limit on your services, that's okay too! You will need a portable variable speed HV blower. Mine is an XPower cause it's lightweight but effective for many different sizes of dogs. In the shop I prefer a K9 blower, but it is too heavy for me to lug around on housecall days. There is currently an excellent thread in the equipment section here about HV blowers that will give you more suggestions on brands to look into. Many good older threads as well. I am not endorsing, just letting you know what I personally use. I have a portable folding grooming table with a carrying handle on the side for easy transport. My house call equipment box is a $25 Stanley rolling toolbox from Walmart. All of my products can stand upright in the bottom half. Don't forget to include your trip charge, whether you list this separately or roll it into the grooming prices is personal preference. I lump it all together myself. If you read some of the older housecall threads here, there is a lot of great info from others who probably are far more experienced than I at housecall grooming. Most of my grooming is shop based. Good luck!


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        Lol...yes Emma123 is right, the less and lighter stuff to carry with, the better it is. Sadly the list above is my lighter load, which is why I prefer to groom out of a shop.


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          Thank you, ladies. I appreciate the advice.

          I just really need to keep it simple and see what happens, I guess.