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Cat feeling ill after grooming

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  • Cat feeling ill after grooming

    I'm concerned about a kitty I groomed. The cat was quite excited during the claw trim and during part of the grooming when I shaved out a few mats. After that, she was calm during the bath and drying. I do house call, so she was in my arms during the drying, and under observation the whole time. The owner watched part of the grooming. When I left, the cat was sitting in the living room licking her paws and seemed fine. The owner emailed me about an hour afterwards to say that the cat looked great.
    The owner emailed me last night to say that the cat hasn't eaten or had anything to drink since the grooming. The cat threw up some clear liquid, and has been lethargic.
    I am stumped. I haven't had an owner tell me about this sort of situation before, so it's new to me.
    I used diluted Grimeinator shampoo. I'd be worrying about an allergic reaction, but I rinsed very thoroughly -- still I suppose it's remotely possible that she licked some residue off and felt nauseated, but to this extent?
    My other guess is that she has an underlying condition that was hidden, and the stress of being groomed brought it out in the open?
    Have you had this happen before?

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    It could be stress. Cats are so funny. If she still won't eat or drink today, she should probably go to the vet and find out what's going on. Don't think I would use Grimeinator on a cat. I get a rash when I use it. They changed the formula some years ago, and several of my clients (and me) reacted to it-dogs who had used it for some time before.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      Could she have licked some shampoo residue from the bottom of her paws? Might just be stress related.....did you groom the cat the same day you got the email saying she was ill?
      (as we all know, it is always the groomers fault......)
      If cat is still feeling ill, the owner needs to take her to the vet, as you well know cats react very different to things than a dog.
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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        The owner emailed this morning to say the kitty is normal now. So the kitty was sick for about 8 hours, which makes me very sad. The owner thinks it was stress, since the kitty did get very excited during part of the grooming. I think it may have been stress plus the scent of the Grimeinator. I think the kitty could have felt nauseated by the scent. It's a distinctive scent. Or maybe there was some residue on her paws, since as Cyn mentions, that's a likely spot for cats to lick. I hope not though, because I spend a lot of time rinsing.
        Some of my customers love the smell, but I can see how for a cat, it could be disturbing to smell that way. I like how Grimeinator works, but I think I'll use a less scented shampoo from now on, just to be extra careful.
        Thank you for the replies.


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          Grimeniator is very strong scent! I use it only on very dirty dogs, on cats I use hypo shampoo with the least scent


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            More mild degreaser for cats is a safe route. Hypoallergenic too.