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Grooming too fast! Grouchy kitty edition.

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  • Grooming too fast! Grouchy kitty edition.

    You know that joke about the plumber who gives his client a big invoice. It goes something like this.
    The client says, "$500 for that! It only took you 5 minutes." The plumber replies, "It took me 5 years to learn how to do it in 5 minutes.
    I came up with a way to groom some grouchy old kitties, which reduced the time spent grooming them by 50% and made it much nicer for them.
    Owner couldn't believe I'd groomed them in that amount of time, until she picked them up to look, ha ha.
    She doesn't know how much time I spend trying to improve and learn. If I got paid for the time I spend THINKING and studying about grooming, woo hoo, I'd be rich.
    Have you had this kind of experience too?

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    In a somewhat different way. I've learned how to handle rambunctious and argumentative dogs that others have difficulty getting to behave long enough to groom.


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      I have experienced this in a different way, angry vets! I went to school for 8 years cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and as an employed vet some groomers make close to my wage and how long did they go to school????????????????

      Admin: Go girl, I have heard this from vets for 20 years. That's why I also say the cost of a good grooming school tuition and continuing education is PEANUTS compared to a 4 year college education and groomers can end up making more than some graduates, and years earlier.


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        My vet asked me some years how much I made, if he could, and I told him and he was surprised. He said we make more than new vets like others said.


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          Yeah, I don't really get the finances of vets. In NYC rents are incredibly high. So are taxes. So is everything else. There are tons of people though, so an endless supply of clients. Still, after paying rent, taxes, employee costs, equipment purchase, and so on, I don't see how they make much of a profit. I'm not a financial pro though, so maybe I'm missing something.