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Re Circulating bathign system?

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  • Re Circulating bathign system?

    Is a re-circulating bathing system a must? Most places will have a detachable shower head or be able to bathe in the sink right? Then I'd use mixing bottles for shampoos/conditioner.
    I honestly never used a re-circulating system in my life. The few times I did I didn't like it. I used the Cosmos bathing system both places I worked. So is it really worth it? I see plans to make one fairly cheap. Do you use your system every time?

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    Do the homemade one. It is way better then being without one. After a couple weeks you won't know how you managed without it.


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      The only way I would bother with a recirculating bather doing housecall grooming would be if I were doing very thick-coated dogs. When I have done housecall, it was all small dogs without a lot of thick coat-- Maltese, Yorkies, Shihs, those sorts of dogs (which also meant I didn't need to carry a large super heavy duty dryer). For all the effort of lugging in and setting up an additional piece of equipment, I could just as easily and efficiently hand wash especially with a decent sprayer. I'm a girl who loves her recirc, and I use it on nearly every dog in my shop where it mostly lives in the same place all the time instead of having to be set up and taken out between dogs, but for doing housecall, I'm all about minimizing the amount of stuff I haul into and out of homes. Recirc would only be worth it to me if I were doing a lot of really thick-coated dogs.