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  • Ads for housecall grooming!?

    Where are some places for me to hang up posters for a new grooming salon that is housecall? So far I did all the vets and petstores. I need to put some up where the elderly go... Or anyone else who would be interested. Ideas?

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    Retirement homes that allow pets.........around central Ohio, they are building so many beautiful retirement homes, 3-4 stories high, to accommodate large numbers of retirees....the front desk always ask for my business groom one doggie and EVERYONE knows who you are :>) Retirement centers are no longer a place to fear.....they have fountains in the lobby, theater room, cloth covered tables for meals, or you can take a tray up to your apartment, activity centers, exercise rooms, etc.

    Happy retirement

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      For me the best result was from a good website and a few Yelp reviews.
      Personally I wouldn't focus much on the elderly clients. I would focus on married couples who are middle class or above, and also on younger professionals who work long hours.
      Elderly people often are price-sensitive, to the point where they're just not going to want to pay the additional fee involved in having someone come to their home for personal service. The few I had in the past expected 1960's pricing, which made it hard to please them


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        Some grocery stores have bulletin boards. Diners, too.

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          Starbucks has a community message board (this will cover younger people), I know my local car wash has message board covered with business cards, dry cleaners too. You can also try to contact some realtors and maybe make some "welcome package" with your info and few treats for the potential local buyers with dogs.

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            I had good luck with Facebook Groups for Local Area sales. It also gives you the benefit of posting your groom pics, and client recommendations in one spot.


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              We actually talked with the managers of some high density apartment complexes and they allowed us to post a flyer where everyone gets their mailbox. I think it was on this board from admin they used the logic with property managers that clean pets were better for the property they manage and guess what? It worked. One large place puts out a online web page for all the tenants they let us advertise on it.


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                There are companies that sell household addresses within a zip code. We did that years ago and worked great getting us kickstarted. We sent out a complete brochure and it didn't cost a lot. We targeted specific neighborhoods.