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Making house call easier. Tweaking supplies.

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  • Making house call easier. Tweaking supplies.

    Since I do feline house call in NYC, I use publi6yt (cat just walked over keyboard) transportation or walk to appointments. This forces me to limit what I carry. Lugging a heavy load on the subway can lead to aches and pains.
    My latest tweak is to put undiluted shampoo in a sandwich baggy. I pour in enough for one cat. I seal the baggy and store it in another baggy. If I am seeing another cat, I make a baggy for that cat. I can tell the shampoos apart by their scent.
    When I am ready to bathe the cat, I put water in the baggy, seal it, squish the baggy so the shampoo mixes, pour the shampoo on the cat or in water in the sink, clean the cat, then throw away the baggy.
    I don't have to carry or clean out a mixing bottle. I don't have to worry about contaminating the shampoo.
    I know using baggies isn't eco-friendly, but I'm not a high-volume groomer.
    Do you have any tweaks to save you effort or time?

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    I'd suggest using Chubbs bars rather than liquid shampoos. Less mess and they are truly a great product.
    And no baggies��


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      I have Chubbs Bars. I find them to be efficient at degreasing and cleaning. Yes, they are a great product
      However, soaking cats in a sink filled with warm water and shampoo can help to loosen shed coat. Shed coat embedded in the fur of long-haired cats is my house call enemy, because I can't use an HV to blast out shed coat while grooming in a NYC kitchen.
      If I am planning to soak a cat for a couple of minutes, I use liquid shampoo. If the cat is not going to tolerate soaking in the sink, I use a Chubbs Bar.


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        Emma i have an idea. Could you have a few sample size bottles filled with the desired shampoo then pour that into 1 large bottle for mixing with water. You can adjust the dilution. It just seems messy with the bags. You can carry as many sample bottles with you as needed and have only the one large to mix with.
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          I'm very happy with my new method of carrying and diluting shampoo, having tried other ways and found them to be bulkier, messier or more bacteria-friendly. This is not a problem I am trying to solve. Sweet of you to try to help though
          What I was asking was whether other house call groomers had come up with tweaks of their own, to save time, effort (or space).