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Kitty anal glands!

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  • Kitty anal glands!

    Update to what's below -- turns out the it's not the anal glands. the owner just really likes the slightly scented shampoo I've used before (Grimeinator), so unscented kitty smelled bad to her.

    An owner emailed me saying that her cat usually smells great after I visit, but this time she smells unendurable when she comes close. Okay. So I'm wondering what happened. I used unscented shampoo, but even if I used a mildly scented one, that wouldn't be unendurable. Apart from being unendurable, she didn't tell me what the smell was like.
    Then it dawned on me.
    What's unendurable?
    Anal glands!!
    Anal gland scent is definitely unendurable.
    So her kitty must have scooted or somehow expressed her own glands after the grooming. (I'm glad she waited until after I left, ha ha).
    Ever have this happen to you?

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    Calling clean unscented kitty smell "unendurable" is little dramatic, don't you think?


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      Sure is. The whole thing was strange


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        Hey, did you try the stain and odor remover? I bought one from Pet Supplies Plus in San Antonio and it worked wonders in getting the pesky smell out of my cat.


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          Hmm, really odd.


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            I think the owner has dropped me as a groomer. That makes me sad because I built up a relationship of trust with her cat over time. At first, the kitty was terrified of the blow dryer and even of being bathed. By the last visit, she was so much more comfortable being groomed. Her coat looked gorgeous too, because I did a lot of de-shedding. Now her cat has to get used to someone new, which is a shame.
            Well, there's nothing I can do about it. Sometimes people get crazy ideas in their head I just hope the next groomer is as loving to the kitty as I was.