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Minor annoyance rant. House call un-favorites.

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  • Minor annoyance rant. House call un-favorites.

    All my least favorite house call cat grooming issues jumbled together in one inquiry from a potential client . . .
    Cat with ringworm needing a full shave.
    Last minute appointment request.
    After I tell them I'm booked, they asked me to squeeze them in anyway.
    Cat already has a groomer who happens to be unavailable right now, so this would be a one-time visit.

    I know they are just trying to get some help, so I do understand and sympathize, but they're asking me to squeeze in a cat who is going to require special handling, including throwing away my clipper blade because I can't take even the slightest chance of spreading ringworm to other homes. It just got on my nerves. I'm grouchy today. I need chocolate cake.

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    Ringworm...ugh! There was an article in groomer to groomer magazine just recently about ringworm, how you need sterilize not only your tools but dryer filters and even air filters in your room. I would not squeeze that cat in, especially since it is not your regular.


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      Agree. If the cat has ringworm then their vet could have made a fast shave down - at least around tbe infected area - until their regular groomer was available.
      If you DO cave in and do the cat I certainly hope you charge for the new blades, sanitizing and express service. You don't need clients like this


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        Yes, I said I was unavailable. My reputation is everything, so I can't take chances with ringworm. I wouldn't have been able to dry the cat in their home anyway, because using a dryer on active ringworm would possibly have spread it all over the home.


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          I bet the reason why her "old" groomer wasn't available, was that she refused to do a cat with ringworm ! You did the right thing, refer to a groomer in a vet clinic. Secondly, who in their right mind would want to groom a "new client" just one time ??

          Happy eating some chocolate cake.....

          Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC