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  • Just Placed Ad/Anyone there?

    Hi Folks, I only got one response on my thread posted earlier and it was negative for housecalls, is anyone there that can give me some good stuff? I just put my van up for sale and they say it will be posted tonight. Anyone gonna give me some input on Housecall business?

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    I wish I could help you, but I'm looking for some information myself

    Good luck selling your van and in your housecall venture.


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      Well I am mobile and I am wondering why you want to sell your van and do house calls? I just dont get it? There is a gal a town away who does this.She requiers all dogs be bathed by the owners the night before,she comes and sets up her table and does the clipping and off she goes to the next stop.Sorry I cant tell ya more as we havent spoken in a while.She wants to retire and was going to give me her clients, but I dont serve her area,so it was a thanks but no thanks kinda thing.Good luck you two.


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        Reply to Doggone

        The reason I am selling my van and looking in to housecalls is gas, the rising cost of gas. I also am retired as I said on another post and mobile grooming has been a job I enjoy not necessarily need. I want to only work part time and unfortuneatly you can't pay for gas and maintenance on part time mobile grooming.


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          How about in a shop part time?
          What does a dog do on it's day off?


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            I am sort of part time mobile

            I don't plan to sell my van any time soon. I work Tues thru Sat. some weeks only 2-4dogs a day. Gas is high but I just raise the ones farther out. So far I get the bills paid on time. I will be 62 in Dec but to keep eating etc and not dip into savings, I will keep my van for now. Like Stephen said, we don't have to give up mobile due to gas etc increases, it all evens out. If there is a way, he will know and share it with us. Competition has hurt this year, but I just and nearly ready to put up my expensive custom website. I am committed now to pay it off. I hope you have thought it thru carefully.Before I had my Van I did it the hard way....Don't know how Aarooh does it....private message her.


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              I do housecall grooming. I'm hoping to get a van in the next year or so as i've been doing it for 10 years and I'm getting tired of hauling stuff in and having to work in so many different types of situations. No a/c sometimes in summer difficulty with water pressure, tight working conditions etc. It does get old not having any control over your work enviroment as you do in a van. I personally have decided the extra cost is worth the conveniece and comfort to myself. I groom fulltime 5-8 dogs a day 6 days a week though. Also you will still be putting out money for gas. Not as much depending what your other vehicle will be. You may want to consider a shop as someone else already suggested or doing it in your home. If you have any other questions let me know! Good Luck!