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    I was on the mobile groomer section and I mentioned that I am selling my van and thinking of buying portable equipment and doing this in folks garages or yards. I only had one negative comment about doing it this way and no positive. I had no idea you guys existed until now YIPEE!!!!!!!!

    Due to the gas and expenses of my 1 ton Ford Econoline I am posting it for sale on today.

    Can you please help me folks. I know I will need my portable table, dryer, equipment, but do any of you guys use a portable water heater and tub.

    Also can you give me some pros and cons of this type of grooming and how do you advertise for an in home grooming with no vehicle.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Mostly, not for me.

    I considered this but my personality is not favoring this. Having a police background, this may be great for you. I have issues going into a stranger's home & taking control.

    I do this for a few of my clients now, & it's ok. The one is more like a friend. She's not uptight about the loose hair & she's not looking for perfection on her little wiggle muffin. I bet the other one will go when I change to mobile cause she's not a regular, something I will require for mobile service.

    You still have some gas money to spend to get there & back.

    Lugging the equipment takes time (money), energy.

    More strain on the body having to adjust to their too low tub, too cramped sink, etc..

    Have you considered a smaller vehicle or a smaller area of town to groom in?

    Just thoughts,


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      I think about stuff too much. One on my concerns would be for your safety. Unfortunately there are a BUNCH of nuts out there. I have often thought about this for my real estate agent. Showing up to a clients home, you never know about them. And we hear about these things all the time. Of course you don't hear about all the good things, only the bad. Think hard about this change in your career.

      Perhaps you can rethink your route or break up your route into 4-5 areas depending on the days you work and scheduling those areas on certain days of the week?? That way you don't travel all over and could save on gas. Maybe a price increase...everything goes up and when your expenses go up then you have to pass it to the client. I own and work from a salon and have no interest in going mobile, BUT I commend those mobile groomers! You are providing a special service for those clients hiring you, so your prices should reflect that. Good Luck!!


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        Well if you already have clients referrals wrok great. Other good advertising methods would be car magnets or graphics. You can put an ad in the yellow pages. As far as the pros go. You have hardly any overhead. Shampoo, maintenance and advertising are the basics. But you still get all the profit of a mobile. The Cons loading and unloading equipment, going into strangers houses, Being extra meticulous because you don't want to leave a stray clipped nail, or a hairy bath tub. I can only do about 4 appointments in a day. But that is mostly do to my clients being 20 -30 minutes part sometimes. I do offer deals to neighbors, I tell them if their neighbor is your friend and wants to get their pet groomed after yours they can split the trip fee if they bring the pet over to the house I am already set up in. So I like it when they do that.


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          I find the people

          the clients that want housecall are just the nicest. I can tell they are great right away. I would be unavailable if it didn't seem that way with a phone call even.

          It does take time. Like Poodlefluff I am meticulous in clean up. But I'd have to do a lot more dogs per day if I was paying even just the maintanence let alone loan on a Van or such. So I do 3 or 4 dogs and make decent money never busting my rear end at all. Also being fairly social I like the comadre with the clients and their families. Well worth the extra. And at the end of the day, gee, no Van to clean up. Just some equipment sanitizing and a bit of trash tossing.
          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.