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My first month

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  • My first month

    Three yorkies
    two great Pyrs.
    one bichon
    one maltese
    two toy poodles
    one cockapoo

    Ten dogs. I was happy with eight out of the ten grooms I did.
    The others, well, the owners said they liked them.
    I guess I am not to unhappy with that, for
    no advertising and not much of a sign allowed.

    I have another yorki, two other Pyrs, and another cockapoo in
    "someday land", and leads on another breeder, and a no show
    that I hope will call back someday.

    I sure hope that my yellow pages add helps when it come out late this
    summer. Kind of glad I can go slow to get used to things.
    Money is kind of nice to have though.
    I am sure glad I have little to no overhead.

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    How in the world do you do the great pyrs in thier house????? Do you use their tube and blow them out in the bathroom? I can't imagine. We did one last week and it was terrible in the shop.


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      great pyr

      I have my own shop in my garage.
      It is set up for any size dog.

      My photos are in the topic of
      shop photos.


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        Sorry. I see I posted this under the wrong topic.
        should have gone under home based business.


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          I was wondering..... I thought OMG! I could see me hulling that dog up the steps through the house and into thier bath tub! Then shaving it down on the kitchen floor (LOL) with their area rug underneath it of course.