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  • My List of starting equipment

    So far I have the following. Please let me know if there is something else I need to have to make this as easy and efficent as possible.

    Not going into brands right now just basics.


    small feet clippers

    rubber bands

    Clip on guard combs

    Spray bottle

    Quik stop

    De shedding brush/tool

    Extension cord

    Power strip

    Nail clippers


    Hand nail files


    Brushes ( De matting comb, Pin brush, Slicker, bristle brush, various combs



    Bows / Bandanas



    Grooming case


    Grooming table

    Portable Tub

    Shower hose / attachment

    I will be getting a luggage cart to haul it all on... I guess I might be making 2 trips at least!

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    Pretty good list. I don't even have a portable tub. I'm not sure I'd want to "fool" with that. I also don't carry towels. As is I make two trips to the car.

    You'll need a vac. Some kind of clipper vac set up is always good.
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      Couple things I see on your list you don't really need: Power strip, shower attachment and portable tub. I either wash the dogs in the kitchen sink or the tub. I take clean towels in a grocery bag, hang the bag on the end of my table and put toenails, cotton balls and most of the hair in the bag as I go. When I'm done I put the wet towels in the bag and take everything with me. I have a big shoulder bag which holds my brushes, ear cleaner, shampoo and hand dryer, perfume & bandanas etc. I use a fishing tackle box for my clipper & blades, combs, etc. The bag goes over my shoulder, the tackle box in hand and my table in the other. I can carry everything in one trip. I keep everything in my car and only carry in what I'll need for each dog. One thing you might want to buy is a small shop vac, I got mine at home depot. It only weights 6 lbs and is a vac and blower. I use it as a HV then switch the hose and vacum up the hair. Again, I don't use it on every dog, but it's nice to have and some people are concerned about the mess. Good luck and have fun!


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        looks like you've got everything covered. After more than 20 years of grooming, I still enjoy trying new toys!


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          Looking Good

          Dear Gypsy Styles,

          We have a grooming table with wheels so you can make one trip. You will need a strong arm and clamp for that table and we have those. A Groomers Helper is a must to help you control and groom more and struggle less. See it all at

          And how about a bit of www.SageAdvice.Biz

          Good Luck and Godspeed,



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            I did not see the table with wheels. That would have saved me a HUGE headache.

            You need to ask MyLady to show you how to make a recirculating bather. I carry mine in an 18 quart dish tub. I have another to use for rinsing. It fits every tub so I don't need the shower attachment

            I carry my shampoos in smaller bottles I refill from gallons. I carry these in a bucket. You forgot the grooming arm and Groomer's Helper.

            I recommend a small, cheap Shop Vac or Rigid brand vac. You can often find them on clearance. I also use a wire kennel and a couple of floor fans for dogs that are freaks under the dryer. You can clean up and put things you are already done with back in the car while you dry them. Happy Hoodies are pretty handy not only to shield the dog's hearing while you dry them, but to save drying time..

            Heavy duty laundry baskets are great to carry things in and they have holes so you can take them outside at your house and blast the hair out with your dryer. They are also easy to wash out in your tub at home.

            I agree with Rudy Roo that you do not need a power strip. Just unplug stuff and plug it in as you need it. Lots of customers have dog designated towels. I find that out on the phone as they make the appointment.
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              Thanks everyone!

              Good to hear that I have it just about all together.

              I really do want a shop vac... so I guess that's the next thing I'll get!

              Happy newyears!