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  • When you started out....

    How was it when you got your very first call for house call grooming? Where you nervous about it? I thought it would be fun to share first time experiences! Also, questions.

    Do you ask for your payment before the groom or after?

    Did they not want you to mess with their shower heads to add your own attachment?


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    I wasn't too nervous but I'd been grooming for a while and knew the people. I do get a little nervous NOW, just wondering what the people will be like. I'm always afraid I'll have to go to some house that's filthy. So far that hasn't happened.

    I don't bring any shower attachments. Seems counter-productive. The time spent trying to take their attachment off and put yours on, the dog could already be half way through the bath.

    I always get paid after I finish.
    That Tenacious Terrier!


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      My very 1st housecall was someone I had known for several years. I sent out an email to all my contacts that I was starting a housecall business and he responded with a come on out. Been grooming his dog every month for almost a year now. I was still a bit nervous and not organized as I am now. Most people have a shower attachment and if they don't , I use a big plactic cup, the kind you can get at a convience store. I'm not gonna mess with peoples plumbing,,,, I always get paid after the groom and I always get a nice tip. I think if you ask for payment before the groom you might not get a tip. It's once they see whats involved in making fulffy look so pretty, they realize it's harder than it looks,,, hehehehe. I have even had owners been wacking on their dogs hair, usually above the eyes, when I offer to show them how to trim properly, they say, no, not doing that again, I will be using you from now on.