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House call, Sales Tax and Reciepts

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  • House call, Sales Tax and Reciepts

    I will have to start collecting sales tax (that's poo) and wondering who else has to. Do you give receipts and what kind of stationary do you use?

    I have to collect on bathing, not grooming.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Can I assume no one gives receipts for services paid?
    That Tenacious Terrier!


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      We have to collect sales tax on our retail products like dog treats, shampoo, and supplements. Here's how we do it

      You have to keep track of ALL of your taxable sales and pay tax either monthly or quarterly, depending upon how often the state wants you to pay.

      The reason you need to keep records is that the state tax people can and do audit for compliance.

      Get a services receipt book from a place like Staples or Office Depot. The customer get the original and you keep the copy for your files.

      Our 123 Pet software takes care of the tax calculation, as the program is set up to distinguish between taxable (retail items) and non-taxable (services in Florida) and prints the receipt for us.
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        In CA

        so far no sales tax for grooming services. They're talking about changing that though. I don't sell things so no sales tax. I send in an estimate quarterly of receipt taxes. I have a lovely receipt book but no one seems to want them and I'd get them wet (housecall too) etc. so I just write it all down in the books.
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          Sales Tax

          If you are doing house calls and the tax rate is the same for your service area it will be easy to keep track. You can purchase a pad of invoice/receipts with a carbon copy to write down the amount of sale plus sales tax for each groom. Since my sales tax is a little more complex dealing with different county tax rates I prefer to use software to keep track of my sales and sales tax on products. I use Quickbooks, which gives me accurate sales tax reports that I use when filing my sales tax. This is the only software that can give me accurate reports for my retail and sales tax situation.