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Myths about housecall grooming

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    i have many friends who actually do full coated cockers with human hand dryers. Actual professional handlers. I can't imagine.


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      I have been an "In-Home" groomer for the last 2 and a half years. I go to people's houses and set up shop inside their garages, bathrooms, kitchens, back porches (shaded of course with weather providing) or where ever they have room for me and electricity at my disposal. The only stumbling block I run into is that I need to use either a bath, shower or sink as I simply refuse to use cold water to wash their pets. I have my entire kit portable in my Nissan Rogue. This includes my grooming table, grooming arms, a second, smaller table to set my gear up on, a smaller pet blow dryer that can still do force drying, and all of my gear fits into a 3 tear DeWalt tool box. I have a separate big dog bag that has lots of tools for deshedding and such and a bag with all my little decoration goodies. I carry my own towels and clean up gear.

      I do go down quiet, farmhouse roads because I live a bit more rural. That said, I know my clientele very well and have groomed for some of them since I began this business and they are like family now. With new client's pets, I go inside and meet their pet first, sit on the floor or outside in the yard and play with them for a bit and develop a rapport so that the pet develops trust with me. It makes the grooming process much easier - plus, I just love being greeted with excitement the next time I go to groom there. So far, I have been very fortunate and people have been friendly, curious and thankful about how I treat their family members.

      I would say the only downfall in what I do is that I do have a bit of time for set up and tear down as I do bring a whole studio with me - about 20 minutes going in and about 1/2 hour going out. So far, I have found this type of grooming to be beyond rewarding!


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        By any chance are some of the ones that blow harder NOT noisier. Some shielding for noise or something else?