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Client scratched by cat. Long. Aargh.

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    I agree I might let an owner be around but not helping me actually any part of the grooming. Too many odd things could come up. 99% of the time agree I don't want the owner to distract.


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      Originally posted by lyttleravyn View Post
      If I have any doubts, I ask the clients during the initial phone call if all adults in the household can pick the cat up. This gives me a lot of information if the cat is used to being handled, only ONE person can do anything with them, or the cat rules the household (which is what this cat sounds like, sure they are nice and outgoing...when the owner is only doing what the cat wants and never doing anything they don't). And no, I do not have owners hold or assist in my cat salon I find it too much of a liability and I can't communicate with them quickly enough to do what is appropriate for the cat or what I need them to do in such a short time together.
      Great ideas there. Hadn't thought about how others in household can or cannot pickup cat.