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Client scratched by cat. Long. Aargh.

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  • Client scratched by cat. Long. Aargh.

    Awww. Poor client! Now I see why some vets don't let owners help. On a housecall, the kitty was skittish, so I asked if the new client felt comfortable picking up the cat and handing the cat to me. Usually this is better than me doing it, since the cat trusts the client. She said she had never tried picking up the cat before, and that she would need long sleeves. Aargh. I should have stopped her right then and there. She tried, and the cat scratched her arm enough to bleed. I had been overly optimistic, because she'd described the cat as affectionate and outgoing. To make it even worse, the client said that because it was a cat scratch, she would need to go to a doctor. The scratch didn't look too bad to me, but perhaps she has a medical condition. By this point, I realized the cat was not going to be managable without another pair of hands, so I left. Really sad that my visit made things worse instead of better. Next time I visit a skittish cat, I will not ask the owner to help unless the owner has picked up their cat before without problems. I am committed to keep on improving, so I can make my clients really happy. How would you have handled this?

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    Good lesson though but a bummer.