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Tax deductions for transportation

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  • Tax deductions for transportation

    Finally doing my darn taxes. I get nervous about deducting my public transportation and Uber expenses, even though they are legitimate business expenses for going to and to and from my city clients. Does anyone else deduct public transportation or car service on their taxes for house calls?

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    Cannot imagine you could not. I deduct almost $6K a year in business mileage, never a problem. Yes, I have to record beginning and end mileage to back it up. In your case you would just make a note on a receipt what client it related to when you can, or keep a log sheet. That would look good.
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      The government is NOT going to be chasing us small timers. Especially during these trying times. If it’s legit, worry NOT! Like my dad always taught me, do your taxes and if they audit you and say you owe something just pay it.


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        When they disallow a deduction you don't get fined or flogged LOL. You may simply owe more money without that deduction. This a small change. Remember I read here and talked to other friends it costs them hundreds of dollars in payroll to audit you. The auditor tries to pay their cost, or cover I should say. That's why so many smaller biz don't get audited. Now the whole 1099 thing that can add up in huge penalties and fines and pay the cost of t he auditor easily.


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          I deduct about 1000 a year in mileage. Just keep track of the mileage and you get like 50 some cents a mile. Remember it is not taxable income too but a write off.