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Cute masks for housecall

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  • Cute masks for housecall

    For long housecalls, I wear surgical masks now, but for quick visits I wear these.
    I know there are different opinions on masks. Just wanted to show you my cute ones.

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    You are handy with needle and thread they say. Nice.


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      Thank you, but these are just from a store.


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        The owner's boyfriend was super allergic to cats. Tough situation. Also, owner travels a lot. Owner finally decided to rehome her. I bonded with Lilly when she boarded at my home, so I took her in for good. She is very polite, quiet and overall a great room-mate.


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          Oops. Meant to post the above in another thread.


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              SPAM i think


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                Well ooh-la-la Emma-you sure will be ‘stylin’ in those masks! Red sequins, my goodness!
                Have been thinking on those lines too- we really don’t know how long nor how often it may be recommended that we wear masks. As long as they are reusable and functional, cute is more fun than not cute.