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  • Housecall Maybe?

    Got a call from a man who’s wife just died. Unable to get the springer to leave the property, can’t get it in the car. Mostly just lays on the bed mom was confined to at the end.
    So the dog missed his grooming at his regular groomer and man wants someone to come groom at his house. Hasn’t been groomed since April. Tried to gently suggest that the dog not be tormented, but widower has it in his head and from watching my mom I understand how that goes. So I told him he will have to bathe and dry the dog as there is no way I can bathe a dog in a tub. And that we will have to groom him on the bed. He is ok with all that, even the fact that I can’t do it until next month.
    think I will call him closer to time. Dog may be feeling better by then and able to do a shop groom, either with his regular groomer or with me.

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    Well that is quite a setup. I think you should go by first and meet both of them.


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      I think that may be a good idea 4them. I'm sure the dog is overgrown, but keep thinking if we just did nails and trimmed up feet, might just be good enough. Or just give it another week or two and he may be over he worst of his grief. Ten he could go to the salon he is used to.


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        Maybe I am weird but I wouldn't want to groom in someone's bedroom especially on the bed.