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  • Start home grooming requirements

    Hello everyone!
    New to forums here, but I have a question for groomers who started small business in their own place.
    What are some requirements before starting? I have all supplies and I am certified dog groomer. Want to know how to start legally. Thanks everyone who will be commenting on this.

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    First of all make sure where you live is zoned for a home business such as grooming. Are you going to keep you own books? If so I recommend you meet with your accountant and have them help you set up your bookkeeping system. My husband does my books(takes about 20 min each evening) on Quick Books and at the end of the year we take it all to our accountant. You also need to have liability insurance for groomers. Many of us have Governor's because they cover the grooming industry. Beyond that, business cards(don't put your address on it if this is your home). As for scheduling, so use a computer but I find that very slow. It is much faster for me to have a schedule book and quickly write it down. If the computer crashes your stuck but that is just my opinion. Best Wishes and keep us posted!


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      Hello and welcome!

      I had to get approval from my local planning and zoning, who bounced me to county, who bounced me back...felt like a ping pong ball. But in the end, all I really had to do was show that the business occupied less than a certain percentage of my home, prove that I had ample parking, purchase a separate EDU (water/sewer unit), and agree to only having 1 sign, no more than 4 square feet.

      I registered my business name with the bureau of fictitious names, got an EIN even though I plan to never have employees , registered to collect state sales tax, and got insurance.

      And then this is not a legal requirement, but take a good look at your electric. My k9II needs its own circuit, and I can't run my stand dryer and other dryer at the same time. You need GFI's around water (like your tub area). Dehumidifiers and air conditioners pull lots of power. Nothing worse than having a wet dog on your table and you blow a fuse when your circuit breaker panel is in the basement!


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        Excellent info here already. What else? Even if it is legal zoning you still cannot disturb your neighbors. That would mostly barking dogs. If you have a neighbor like 15 feet from you in suburban neighborhood consider windows letting sound out. If it faces your neighbor's house right next door, ask around for something you can cover that window to deaden the sounds, even dryers.

        Make sure you have a potty area on your property and ensure your customers know the difference between your property and the neighbors. You don't want dogs soiling the neighbor's property.

        Are you converting a garage or ??? Just remember noise and traffic are key factors that neighbors can argue and even if you are zoned right neighbors can prevail on you are disturbing them.