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    I had a yellow page ad salesman here yesterday and we were going over my options for placing an ad and I requested my address not be listed because I didn't want people just showing up at my house at all hours wanting their dog groomed. We got it all set up and he was putting his coat on to leave and this couple comes walking up my driveway - no appt, no idea who they were. They had gotten my address from a friend and were coming to check things out before they made an appt - I don't mind, but everyone else who has wanted to do this has always called first. The salesman and I almost started laughing because I was trying so hard to avoid this and here it was happening.

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    I have one of my clients that I had to "train" to stop just showing up. She would drive over expecting an appoinment. Finally, she now calls first but she always wants in right away. Some people never learn. I've had 2 others just show up to "just check me out" which is fine, but what if I wasnt here? Working out of my home dosent mean I am alway's home. I dont mind showing people around, I just wish they have the courtesy to call first.


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      Most of the people that want to check out my shop call first. I have a a couple of people just walk in which is why we put a door in my shop. I bought an open and closed sign and use it. There are times I run to the bank or whatever and I just go. I forward my phone to my cell, this way I do not miss any calls.
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        I can't complain cause I'm the type to just show up, if i'm in the area.