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Business License for in home salon?

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  • Business License for in home salon?

    Do I have to get a business license for an in home salon? If so, where do I get it and how much are they usually? I'm in Tennessee.


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    you have to go to your city and ask them if you need one.
    I live in Texas and I asked, and they gave me a list and said I dont need one as long as I dont violate certain things on the list, example: causing more traffic than normal, cannot display signs, house cannot look like a business. and so on.


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      The city

      I got my business license from the city I live in.
      It was easier than I though. I walked in told
      them what I wanted..the lady looked it up and could
      not find anything on a pet grooming salon...there where
      people salons..tried to call the zone guy..his mail box was full
      we tried calling him all day...She said I'm going to approve this
      for 1: We can't get in touch with our zoning guy, 2. it says you
      can have a beauty salon and the only difference in yours is you do she wrote it out!


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        When I opened my grooming salon in my home I had to apply for a permit. It cost me $225. They sent out letters to all of my abutters and held a meeting to see if anyone would have any complaints. Luckily no one did and I got my permit. Today the fee is over $400 and the same rules apply.