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Selling Home with in-home grooming salon

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  • Selling Home with in-home grooming salon

    I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum first! Oops. Anyway, my husband and I will be selling our home and the garage has been converted into a dog grooming salon. I would like to market it for people who want to start their own dog-grooming business. I would hate for it to go to waste, it's sooo cute, and it's in a good location. All my supplies would be included so basically a groomer would be able to move in and start grooming. I would also hand over names of all my clientele and all my regulars would be very happy to have someone else grooming at that location.

    I'm just not sure how to go about selling it with the grooming possibilities included. It's not a commercial property so I can't sell it as a business, but I'm not sure how to market it as residential and still get the word out that it can be a great business opportunity as well. We'll probably be just putting in on the MLS but wasn't sure if stating that there is a dog grooming salon attached would turn other people away who would have otherwise been interested in the property.

    I would love to hear any ideas especially if there are others who have had to do this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    me too

    I am doing the same thing! I posted an ad here on other then that, i posted on craigslist but not had any responses except spam emails. hope more people post with their responses I would like more info too! good luck in selling your home!


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      I have thought about this too...

      I plan to move in 4 or 5 years and have thought about selling the 'package' as well. I think you are selling yourself short by just giving away your client list though. How about contacting people looking for grooming jobs, on line here or other sites. You could also put an ad in the paper looking for a groomer interested in the opportunity. You could contact grooming schools to advertise with them as well.

      Where are you located Callen?


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        Gee I wish I could find something like that! I want to buy a house and convert a room into a place for grooming! Nebraska sure seems to be tough for grooming...


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          check out You might get some help from them....


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            I hope I never have to sell my home/biz, but if I did, I would contact your area groomers to see if someone was looking to go out on their own. There are also listings on here in the classified section, and I have seen home shops advertised.
            Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

            Groom on!!!