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    How do you handle clients that say their pet has fleas? I have a neighbor-friend that I groom her dog and she told me she wanted her cat clipped because it has fleas. I don’t like fleas in my house and I have no problem telling her she has to get rid of the fleas.

    Anyhow I got to thinking how am I going to handle this with a real customer? This is my home and I don’t want to take a chance on my other clients getting fleas, but I do want to build a business. What does everyone else do that works from home?

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    This is tough as you don't want to discourage clients, but it is important to avoid fleas at all costs! You could lose more business by having good clients pick up fleas in your shop. It is also important to keep up with having your property sprayed on a regular basis.

    I am at home, too. I have only one client that always has fleas. I schedule her when I can have only her dogs and no one else. I take them into the tub immedieately and both get thorough flea baths. The clipping and grooming comes after the baths. Both get an a/o clip, so I usually do a wet clip, they are both small dogs. I have tried to advise this owner on flea products to use, but income seems to be a deterent.

    I do know of some salons that do not take any animal if it has fleas. This is great if it works, my concern is what happens when the occasional dog comes in with fleas that usually does not have any? I guess they would also go directly into the tub and be bathed. I have known of one shop that refused a new client that was heavily infested when it was being "checked-in."

    good luck,


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      I groom them. You're going to encounter fleas, even if it's just from the clients that are unaware that their pet has fleas. Everyone is straight to the tub and if I already know about the fleas, I use flea shampoo on a dry coat, wrap them in a towel and let them marinate To keep my hpme flea free, I use premise spray, advantage, and regular grooming for my pets. I vacuum the shop daily and dispose of the bag. If the animal is infested, I charge for treatment and the clean up. Flea season was so bad here last year that a lot of my regular, every four week clients had them hitchhiking in. I think you just have to be vigilant.
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        I have a home shop also. If I know beforehand that a dog coming in has fleas, I ask that they be carried in, or at least not be allowed on the grass-just out of the car, up the sidewalk and in the door. Vac and spray everything, and get rid of the hair. I've only had a couple dogs here in the 8 yrs I've had this biz that were really infested-and had 3 cockers of my own in full show coats at the time. Wasn't a problem. I do one dog at a time, too, so don't have other pets in the shop.
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          I like the idea of carrying the pet directly to the tub. I guess I will stock up on flea sprays and shampoos for the summer. I think something else I will do is when the owner calls to make an appointment I will then ask if they are treating their pet with the frontline or something similar.


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            I have a grooming salon and I wash the pet three times usually in bark 2 basics shampoos.... not always... anyway, citrus safe flea shampoo first, then deoderizing and them whatever they want, whitening or oatmeal...tar...whatever. But everyone that comes in get a flea bath...
            Then at the end of the day i spray with a flea killer that i pick up from the feed store that is safe to spray on livestock and even birds..
            It is called Permethrin 10 livestock and premise spray. i mix it a little stronger and spay the edges of most things. On the weekends I let the kennel get sprayed and then wash them with soap and water. I also have 2 cats that run the place and they have revolution on them and we have not had problems....yet....knock on wood. Hope this helps...


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              So glad you posted this thread! I want to open a home business when I'm finished with school and this was a big help!