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  • Considering home grooming...

    Hello hello,

    Well I never thought I would consider a home business but as I get older and as it gets harder to find great bosses I am wondering if this is the way to go!
    I am still at stage 1 of about 100 in my plans but plan on reading all through the forum and grabbing some books. This all depends on how my job search goes over the next year or so. I have been in my current home for 8 months and Nada! No jobs in salons. I am moving to an area with more groomers so am holding out that I find a great salon job - but we will see.

    Question 1: People who groom out of their garage / home etc. How do you arrange the dogs to arrive? Do you have an area to keep them in and ask all arrive at certain times of the day (Say pam or 1pm etc) or do you do one at a time? If you do this, how do you organise around being disturbed regularly and how do you release the dog (Owner come back at certain time, phone call etc)

    2: I assume you installed your own bath/hydrosurge and are not using your household one? (Husband would *kill me*!)

    3. How long did it take you to break even / make a salary?

    4. Does anyone do split schedule? For instance 3 days at home, two days at a vet (or similar)

    5. I don't really like to be on my own so this would be a hurdle. How do you cope with working on your own all day? Or do you love it? !

    These are literally the first questions that came to mind. I am going to look into this into greater depth and I am sure there will be many more questions.

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    I owned a shop for 4 years until my second child was born. Sold the shop and moved to a more rual area. Wasn't gonna groom but we needed a bit more had hubby put in a tub in my walk out basement, made a table out of an old beauty chair, purchased a hanging sign for my front yard, got a county permit to operate a business for $35, put a cheap ad in the town paper and started grooming a few dogs a week. Well, second child is turning 18 in June...I was grooming about 25 dogs a week by myself when we moved to my current location that's about 15 miles from where I was. I really didn't think anyone would follow me, but they did. Now, 10 years later I have a part time bather and a part time groomer. We do around 40 pets a week. My bather works 9-11 on days that I need her, and the groomer who's just out of school , works afternoons.

    I try to have all "my" dogs come in at half hour intervals (or there abouts) and that gives the bather enough time to get the washed and dried. My groomer does her own bathing in the afternoons.

    My current location is a converted garage that we put in plumbing and a propane heater. I now have all the best equipment....and two of most things!


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      I work 3 days a week in my home (alone) and 1-2 days a week on the road doing in-home grooming in clients' homes. LOVE it. The couple of days that I'm in other peoples' homes, it gives me a chance to talk to someone who doesn't have 4 feet - but doing that 5 days a week would drive me insane. It does take more time from your day to "chat" to owners in their homes - some are just plain lonely and want someone to talk to.

      When I groom from my home, I take one client at a time - first one arriving around 8:00 a.m. and I know how long each groom takes - it's recorded on their file. I call the owners about 15 minutes before I'm done. If the dog is done before the owner is here, the dog gets put up in my front hall with baby gates to keep him from going through my house. If the owner comes before the dog is finished, then the owner stays behind the baby gates in the house. LOL

      I took out the laundry tub from my laundry room and installed a stainless steel dog grooming tub and have my own home made bathing beauty system. Works GREAT. High velocity dryer hose coming out of a hole in the wall from the next room to dampen noise while I dry the dogs almost totally dry in the tub after bathing. The room next to the tub is my grooming room and it has stand dryers and other high velocity dryers.

      I LOVE working alone in my home for the most part. I am my own boss and nobody bothers me except clients dropping off/picking up dogs.

      I only 4-5 dogs a day at the most and since my overhead is so low, I was making money almost from day 1.


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        I pasted this from another thread...lazy me.

        I use a bathroom that I had converted into a doggie bathing room. I use the same hot water tank and water supply, electric, etc. I pay a % to my DH and he pays the bills.

        I usually do 5-7 and am sometimes finished as early as 2pm. I take 2 in at 9am and then one every hour after that. Pickups depend on breed and degree of difficulty.

        I only work Tues. - Fri. Mondays are for deep cleaning and paperwork. Don't work weekends, evening or any holidays.

        I have a reception room w/ my desk, computer (I use a groomer software program), debit machine, printer, kennels for finished dogs, cubbys for leads/collars, and seating for waiting clients.

        I have a grooming room with more kennels for dogs in various stages of the grooming process and all my gear, another for bathing and another for laundry and storage.

        It's easier for me to have the finished dogs in the reception area and just process them out from there. All of my pickup times are "anytime after". I keep a kennel close to the grooming table so that when I hear the bells on the door jingle, I can put the dog I'm working on away quickly and go to reception. I can see the front door from my bathing room.

        Bluetooth makes answering the phone while working a breeze or I just let it go to voicemail.

        Over head is so low that this arrangement allows me to make a fulltime income while working part-time hours.

        Hope some of this helps ;-)
        "The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind"-Theodorus Gaza


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          I work in small building we bought and had delivered. We finished the inside walls with paneling and insulation. Added the water and power by running lines from my house.

          Bought new everything and only groom small dogs under 35 lbs. Paid myself back in a month or so.

          I stagger appoints by the hour up to hour and half. Have small holding pen if owner comes early or late.

          I only work 3 or 4 days a week. I make over $2000 month w/ very little expense. I love working from home. Can't believe I ever went mobile first. I hate traveling. Don't know what I was thinking....well, yes I do. I live in the boonies and didn't think anyone would travel to me. Build it and they WILL come. You'll be amazed. I have people traveling for over an hour away to come to me once a month. Take your time, be thorough and they'll keep coming back.