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    For a home-based grooming shop in an out building what types of permits do you need? Is still considered a home shop? Does it need to be handicap assesible? Do you need a bathroom? Or does any of this apply seeing as it's just dropping dogs off? Any help would be appreciated. This would be in Michigan.

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    Those are questions only your city or county can answer. It varies from place to place. The first place I went before opening my home biz was city hall.
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      So far you've gotten great answers, and please know you can study the Career Start Report which has a page or two on Home Business startups, and there is a home grooming business plan sample as part of Grooming Business in a Box Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper IF you need to get a loan for this, and there is a Home Grooming Business section in the Research Center at in Home, Mobile or Salon Menu.

      Every county in the US can have different rules, and then the city/town too. The CCR's for your county are a good place to start, that's Commercial Code of Regulations. Don't let them call you a kennel unless you are there. There is lots and lots of code everywhere on kennels, but little on grooming in comparison.

      Always remember no matter what the code says, if your business causes too much traffic or noise or other ? that neighbors don't like, they can petition the government to close you down. Homeowner associations have their own rules too. Generally the more rural the less problems but there can be issue with the effect of your business on septic, wells and refuse even.

      So it's good you are investigating heavily before you proceed. Let us know how it goes and remember every county and city/town can be different, very different. Keep us informed.
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