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  • busy days?

    Which days of the week are busiest for you? I am only open 3 days/week - Thurs, Fri, and Sat. (still working 2 days/week - Mon & Tues - at corporate job.) Hands down, Thursday is the busiest, followed by Saturday. I am giving some thought to being open more earlier in the week. (Monday is my busiest day at the corporate job.)

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    I am open Tues - Friday and every other Sat. My saturdays are filled a month or more in advance, so they are always busy. But weekdays, Tues and Fridays are the busiest. The last week of every month, I'm always swamped! I figure it must have something to do with payday - But I don't really know. I am so thankful I don't have long work weeks every week - I don't know how some of you all do it! I must be the queen of wimps.


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      Saturday fills up the fastest, but I try not to make it too crazy busy because it's my last workday of the week; I like to end the week happy & relaxed. Friday is my busiest day for volume & second to Sat. for demand. Monday is my quietest day. Don't know why that is.


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        Thursday and Friday are my busiest, I work Tuesday-Friday and every once in awhile a Saturday.


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          Mondays are actually our busiest, we're booked mostly the same M-F but we tend to book Mondays a little heavier b/c by Friday we're wearing out so we start out the week with a bang. Mondays is usually when we schedule earlier arrivals (before 8am) and if we have to stay later we'd rather do it on a Monday than Thurs or Friday.