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  • purging client files

    I decided I am the worst business person.... agggh. after decided to go through my files & pulling client files that have passed on, moved, gone somewhere else, etc.... There was to my surprise 55! I really need to stay on top of this part of the business. I know I am my worst critic. However I admit I need to improve in following up with clients that I have not seen in a while. What do some of you do when you realize you have not seen a client & when?

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    i know some people will think this is a bit tricky,but here is what has worked brilliantly for me ,to get 'we havent seen you in quite a while ' clients back into the shop.

    Call their number and ask 'is that Mr/Mrs smith' ,and then act a bit vague and say that you received a message on your phone that was a bit hard to catch and you thought the name left sounded like theirs,so you were just doing a courtesy call to check if it was them or not. Obviously they will say no it wasnt them......then use the opportunity to say ....well how is fluffy anyway,we havent seen her for while ,is everything ok,she must be looking a bit shabby by now etc......
    their answers will give you a clear idea about the status of the client,and possibly they will book.If the dog is deceased or re-homed you can clean up the file .
    It works great for me for quiet spells too.i can usually pick up an appointment for around half of the calls i make.The owner is usually happy to hear from you,and say "its funny you should call,i have been meaning to call you but you know how it goes'


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      I called a client a several weeks ago that I hadn't seen in 3 months. He answered the phone and I asked if everything was ok, that I hadn't seen Sugar in a while and if she was ok. He said sure, made small talk, he made an appt. then canceled the next week. I don't know what I did or what the problem was. Haven't heard from him since.


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        I just did the same thing a few days ago. I guess I only cleared out about 15 clients. I'm not worried about them, some of them I'd rather not bother with so it doesn't bother me any.
        Guess I'm not a very good business person either. LOL
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