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My first dogs are on the book

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  • My first dogs are on the book

    I have two toy poodle pups set up for next wed.
    Just teddy trims, no close face or feet.

    And then two great pyrenees after that.

    I only took one pyre. for each day, as the gal told me he is matted.
    I told her I would only bite off one a day, not knowing how
    bad they were.

    She wanted to bring all four at once, but I doubt I could do
    two dogs that big and that matted. What do you think?
    I am very excited.

    Not family grooms. Friends of family but, hey, its a step up!

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    Get the experience anywhere you can. If Iguanas had hair, groom them too!
    Are you opening a shop, going mobile or housecall?
    I did an older, undercoat packed, and matted Great Pyr a few weeks ago and it took me all day. Exhausting. I don't think I could handle 2 a day or 1 each day for 4 straight Good luck.


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      If you have a Furminator brush I think it would make the job with the Pyr. alot easier. Very exciting for you, soon you'll be posting asking how to keep up with business!!


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        Well, good,

        My instincts were right then.
        We did a Nufy at the shop once and it took like four hours, and he was not that matted, just lots of loose hair. I held that dog up with a pony cinch for the groomer to do him, for like two hours. He would not stand on his own.

        Yes I have a furminator. A small one, but its something.


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          I think you are smart to only do one a day, especially until you actually see them. I highly recommend doing as much brushing as you can while they are lubed up with lots of conditioner. You can rebathe afterward, if you need to, but you will really cut the brushing time and it is nicer on your body and the pet. I just line brush, like you normally would a double coat. They dry so much faster and just look great afterward.


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            De-shedding big dogs

            Use your force dryer both before (on the dry dog) and after washing. It helps to break up the matted areas and saves a lot of brushing time. Yes, it makes a mess, but it's worth it.


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              Congrats on your first bookings!! Each one will become a walking advertisement for your biz!!
              Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

              Groom on!!!


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                They are done and I am done in

                The first was the worst.
                I did everything I could but she took 5 hours!
                She was as tired as I.
                If I had not had the giant pony girth belly strap, I would have never
                made it, she would NOT stand up. She had to here.
                It took nearly an hour just to get her clean, and I let her soak 15 minutes of that in cream rinse. I blew the heck out of her with my hv and by golly the
                packed coat started to lift. I rinsed her out and pulled out a lot more.
                I got her on the table and hved her for what seemed like ever and used the
                matt rake. When I got tired I did her nails, and her pads, dried somemore, and did her ears, and tail. The room was white with hair.
                Her owner was THRILLED to say the least.
                I went in the house, ate a sandwich and laid down at three I was
                so tired. I woke up at 7pm!
                Her mom the next day was not as packed but had a packed tail.
                Her maine was impressive as were her skirts. A more mature
                wider dog.
                She took 4 hours and most of that was bath and drying time.
                She did say I could do her males and that (guess what) they are
                worse than the first ones because they are livestock dogs.!
                Hey no complaints here. Its all good. I put some money in the bank
                my first week in business I can tell you that much.
                I don't have before photos, but I worked 9 hours on these ladys and
                SOMEONE is going to see them.
                I messed this up, so look for them in the home based buiness topic.
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