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  • kinda frustrated....

    I want to open up a home based shop in our garage. Our garage used to be a detached in-law apartment type place. However, now it is very run-down. The plumbing doesnt work right I dont think. The electric needs to be rewired. We need new siding and the roof needs to be reshingled(which can be done cheaply). Not to mention the inside needs to be turned into a grooming salon. The inside is actually pretty nice, believe it or not. There is carpet in the front half of it and then its like a kitchen in the back half. There is a bedroom which could either get torn down or get turned into a drying room/bathing room. So that could get expensive. Not sure how much. My grandpa is a handy-repair man, he has his own biz with that, so he said he can do most of the fixer upper stuff just not the electrical and plumbing. I just have to buy the materials for the other stuff. But my big concern here is the zoning regulations!!! They want me to take pics and stuff, but I am so confused about the whole process. If I take pics now, they are going to think I am nuts, however I dont want to put alot of money into a place that isnt even going to be zoned to be ok to do business in. Its weird too,cuz they said the top half of our road we can do biz on but the other half we cant, and I just dont see how that is possible, there are businesses everywhere. I dont know how to get around any of this though. They were kinda rude to me, which is fine I can take it, but at least give me an answer so I dont know what to do? Can anyone give me any advice on zoning and stuff like that? And how much it might cost to do this? I still have to look at to find out some more stuff. Just not sure yet how to go about this really as far as zoning.

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    Zoning regulations will vary depending on where you live. Here, I can only have 4 clients per day, as they don't want the extra traffic. I would take pics of your garage now, and do a very detailed plan of what you propose to do as far as a remodel. You will probably need some kind of permit for that, and you may need to hire a licensed contractor too. Then I would contact your neighbors and make sure they will not object to your plans. Then, with all info in hand, go in person to city hall and make your proposal.

    When I moved back here to the house I grew up in, my first trip was to city hall to see if they even would allow a home biz. They had a lot of rules to adhere to, like the shop had to be attached to the house to have a home biz. Then, I designed my shop and called a contractor. A few months later, I was up and running. It's been great!

    Good luck to you! Hope you can work this out.
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