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pls share opinions regarding equpment

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  • pls share opinions regarding equpment

    I am planning on starting a home based shop and would like to hear what you guys like and/or dislike about the different brands of force dryers, cage dryers, and tables??? I am leaning toward a doulbel k, dri-dog, or master blaster. But I also have used the sahara and adapter kit and thought it was just ok. As for tables, cages, etc. I have no clue. Also, where do you get the malpractice insurance that was mentioned in the prev thread? Thanks!!

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    I just bought the Master Blaster dryer and I love it. I do have the Sahara with the attachment and I use that on dogs that are 90% dry. The crates I use are wire crates I think they are the Starter series from Midwest. I get most of my stuff through PetEdge. My favorite table is my hydraulic but I can't think of the name of it now! Don't forget to check with your local town hall about what kind of zoning you need to have. I'd do that before anything if you haven't already.


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      I have been fortunate to have purchased most of my equipment 2nd hand, with outstanding results.

      First & foremost my little Clipper Vac. This above all cause if my turbo Oster clippers went south, I'd just attach my scissors to the CV & away I'd go.

      If I had it to do over, I would buy new, better quality scissors. And not as much little stuff.

      Like I have 6 pairs of Millers Forge nail trimmers.
      A bazillion slickers. I use the same 3 slickers all the time. A SS safari, a chris christensen, and an all systems.

      Too many combs too. I use 1 long tooth Poodle comb, a flea type comb on a handle, and a greyhound comb

      I have a Circuiteer II HV dryer that is worth it's weight in gold. When you learn to really operate these big HVs, you save so much time & the coats look soooo nice!! I even semi-dry a Coton coat with mine.
      I have a Metro 4.0 that I bought to use while I was learning. On the big hairies, I use that and the HV. Big time saver. Must remember the ear plugs tho. For me and the dog.

      Oster blades. Probably 30.

      Groomers Helper.

      My hubby made my table from a barber chair. I have a homemade bathing pump too.

      Hope this helps.


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        dryers depend on the type of dogs you are going to do. if mostly small, then any hv will have the power to do what you need. a stand dryer is a must. if you are going to be doiong large hairy dogs, with a ton of coat, then K9II or III is preferable. i had a dri-dog, but it did not meet my needs. I do a lot of large hairy dogs.
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          As far as a force dryer, I really do like the k9III, but I have a sullivan III that has needed no service (seriously) since 2003.


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            Thx for the info guys... I am assuming "HV" stands for high velocity??? (pardon my ignorance) I have a stand dryer where I work but I rarely use it?? I haven't done too many fluff balls though either.