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Advantages of homebased grooming

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  • Advantages of homebased grooming

    I was wondering about home based grooming.What do you think the advantages and disadvantages are?The one problem that I have had is drop off and pick up.I was thinking of expanding and I just started thinking about what it would be like to just take my buisness away from home.Does anyone any advice?

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    I love it!

    I have my own home based dog grooming business out of my garage. My shop is heated (of course) and I just walk out into my garage - through my dogshop door - and I'm at work!! I have another door on the outside of the garage for customers!

    I have been working out of my home for almost 4 years now. Mostly it is all positive. I open early for those that have to go into the city to work (around 7:00 am) They just come in and put their dog in a kennel. I start work at 9:00. My latest pick up time is 5:00pm - I do make SOME exceptions, but I can count on 1 hand the times anyone has been any later than that in 4 years!

    My business phone is 2 quick rings - so we know in the house which is business and which is for the family. Grooming is by appt. only so I don't have people coming up to my (home)door - ever!

    A few late night and supper phone calls can be annoying - but I don't answer them.

    My neighbour has a Yellow Lab that is really aggrevating and "attacks" the fence between our 2 houses when my customers come down and around to my grooming shop - and... she barks basically ALL DAY LONG!! I've talked to (my neighbour twice and it works for awhile (she'll keep her in the garage) and then - she's out all day again.. (my neighbours are NEVER home, they are always working or out!! - Poor dog actually - I know shes just bored - but I have a business to run.) Sorry.. got off the topic there!

    Its really nice to be home for my kids - 10 and 12 - and school is just down the block... I have way more positives than negatives FOR SURE!

    Good luck with your decision - what is the problem with pick ups and drop offs?


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      I have a home -based business. I have thought of moving it to a commercial location, I still think about it. I do like the advantages though. I get to be here when my daughter gets home from school or if she is home sick from school, and for all the school vacations. If i'm not too busy I come up stairs and do some housework. If i'm not feeling well, I can come up stairs and change and lay on my couch for the rest of the day! I can run my errands when I am done working and everyone is gone. I am by appt. only so no walk-ins.
      The disadvantages are people not picking up on time because you "live here". Or they think you work 24hrs, I mean, you're there so can't you just bathe the dog? Sometimes just seems like a lack of privacy.
      But, I do like it at my home. I am keeping my eyes open though for a good commercial location. Maybe by then I will be ready to move.


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        Not exactly sure what you're asking

        but I'll answer with advantages of my home shop.

        The biggest one being, I'm home with my dogs.
        Next would be, if I have a no show I'm not just standing around

        Expenses are less. But my income is less too.
        Most would say no commute, but I do pet sitting/dog walking. So I drive almost daily.
        I pick and choose for the most part who I groom.
        No interuptions from the public wanting to know where such and such is located.

        That's about all I can think of right now.


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          I have a home based grooming shop. The things that I love about it are. Like others have said. I am home for my kids when they are home. I am also with my own dogs too. I can do what I need to around the house or run errands when I am not busy. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed working at home and I truely love all of my clients, 2 & 4 legged. However I feel that my business is not growing like it would be if I were in a commerical location.


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            I groomed at home for two years. The advantages are obvious and if you're good, word of mouth will spread and you'll be over-run in no time. It's the disadvantages that become a problem. I had people calling me at 11pm, midnight, etc. wanting to schedule a groom. A large portion of the clients felt like they were "friends" rather than clients because of the intimate atmosphere and felt free to just show up or call at absurd times of the night. People left their dogs overnite or dropped off in the evening and then called at 10pm with "Ohhh...I FORGOT".

            I didn't "stack" dogs. Everyone had a scheduled appointment. People would come for their appointment and want to stay and chat and visit for HOURS.

            The money was killer but it was like living in a 24 hour grooming salon. I'll never go back to that again.

            My advice is that if you do it, set down DEFINITE boundaries and stick to them yourself. It's easy to give in. You take that one call at 10pm. You let that one dog stay 'till midnite and then it snowballs.....................


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              I actually started my groming biz in a commercial space that was formerly a grooming shop (till the lady hung herself one night in the shop) but it was all ready to go.. I just needed my table and grooming gear..

              After about 1 year, our house/shop became available (literaly 1 block down the street) so now im a home based biz.. The old shop is now a Scrapbooking store!

              It was the best move (for me) that I could have made.. My wife is a Pharmacy Tech at a local store so I have the house to myself all day.. which means after the last pooch has gone home and I close shop, and begin cleaning, getting dinner ready, etc..

              It's saved us $$ on not having to pay both a mortgage and space rent and I can accomodate certain customers who require a later pick-up time and the rare early drop-off.. Living where you work can have some good customer appeal advantages such as time flexability.. I'm here anyways and i've never had a "forgotten" pet for more than an hour..

              The only real headache is the ones who "need" to drop off fluffy an hour before we techniacaly open, so you say "okay".. then their no-show's! >

              Then when they call back to reschedule, they've lost the "favor" and must abide to our hours of operation. (unless it was due to a serious emergency).. cant blame someone for a no show when thier spouse had to be admitted to the emergency room.

              Advantages vs Disadvantages.. I would say they depend on the individuals preferences and lifestyle.. What may be great for me may be unacceptable for you.. I've worked 90 min drive, each way, five days a week for almost three years.. Now, my commute is downstairs.. I'm never leaving my house again!


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                Some tips I have seen here so far for home-based:

                1. Have a separate BUSINESS phone line.

                2. Have a separate shop entrance and waiting area.

                3. If a pet is 'forgotten', charge a per minute late fee, like daycare centers.

                4. Make certain you are properly insured!!!


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                  I have a home based business too and wouldn't trade it for anything. As far as I'm concerned I haven't had enough disadvantages here to want me to work out of a reg. groom shop. Done that before and am much happier here.

                  I like being my own boss, take the dogs I want and say no to the dogs I don't want. I like being able to take the time off that I want and work when I want.

                  I will answer the phone for just about anyone up until 9:00 PM, doesn't bother me. Haven't had anyone call later than that.

                  I have had a couple of dogs that have been forgotten about for an extra couple of hours, but none that have ever needed to stay over night.

                  I just like being home with my own dogs and if I'm not busy I have time to do other things.

                  My most favorite thing is I don't have to drive anywhere. If it is snowing I let my clients decide if they want to drive in the bad weather, if they don't I don't blame them at all because I don't like to drive in it either. We just reschedule.
                  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                    I do love having a hope based shop. Like the others said if I have a no-show I can go in the house!


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                      This is my 19th running my home based grooming shop and I would never have it any other way! First and foremost - no rent that money is yours to keep instead of shelling out for a commercial space. And as the others stated above your no shows are time not as badly wasted if you can walk right back into your home and catch up on things for a hour or so til your next appointment.

                      As far as dogs being left beyond pick up time, it's no so bad if their not barkers and your still in the shop working. But I always tell my last appointment of the day that they indeed are the last one for the day, I give them a pickup time and tell them that is the time I will be closing. Works every time.


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                        I love my home biz-had 2 commercial shops for a total of 24 years before. Love not having a commute, being home for my own dogs, and, best of all, not having a huge rent to pay. My after-tax dollars are much better now. Way more flexability at home.

                        FauxPaw, the phone co. will charge you for a separate line. I decided to just use my same phone as the house rather than get a separate biz phone. I pay a biz line charge, and $1.50 for additional line. No problem putting in the extension, but I did have to pay for it. Ya don't think the phone co. will do anything for free, now do you??!!LOL
                        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                        Groom on!!!