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Advice Needed: love home based but moving :(

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  • Advice Needed: love home based but moving :(

    I started a home based course in Fall of 2005 and have been doing grooming out of my home since then. I really do enjoy it and love the little babies! I live in a suburb of Dallas which is a good place to get business. In summer of 2008 we are going to move to east Texas where we have 80 acreas of land. The property is located about 7 miles out of the town and you have to use one lane county roads to get to it. I am discouraged that in a location like that people will not want to bring their babies out to me. Does anyone have a home based very rural business and how to you work it and how is it going? Thanks a million!!! I really don't want to give up grooming. I feel like I finally found something I enjoy and might have to give it up. I am 41 years old. Advice please!

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    What about going mobile? I love it and you come to them. So it doesn't matter how far out you live you just adjust the price to pay for the gas. Or maybe you could have an in home shop still but you pick up and drop off the pets. I wouldn't give up grooming for 7 miles. I hope my suggestions help. Good luck


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      I am located 7 miles from our town and I keep very busy. Have been open for 6 yrs. If you provide good service and nice quality grooms, they will come.
      Yes, there are other groomers in town who are more convienant but it dosent slow me down.
      If there are other towns nearby, advertise there as well. I have alot of people who drop off thier pets on thier way to town to do shopping then pick up the pets when they are done with the errands. Dont just focus on one area. I have one client who drives an hour to see me. )
      Don't give up. Run an ad in the paper. Go to the animal shelter, make friends with the vet. I have a very good relationship with my vet clinic in town.
      Things will work out, hang in there!


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          Check into getting a nice van or something and doing pick up and delivery. You could do it by area...pick up a few dogs in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon.