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  • Post vacation dates?

    I have had an in-home business for the last 2 1/2 years and I am going on my first decent vacation. Do you guys let all your customers know when you are going, just tell those you trust, or leave town and change your message so people will know when to expect you back? I am leaving for 9 days in a few weeks and I was going to post a sign so everyone knew and then I decided maybe that was a bad idea to advertise that I would be gone and nobody will be home. What do you guys do? What is professional without asking for a break-in. We have a security system, but still.

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    i leave a message on my machine saying the office will be closed from this date to that date. all calls will be returned on that date. have fun. what's keeping me going in this cold snap we are having is i will turn the warm dryer on my face and imagine the warm breeze coming off the carribbean ocean.
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      I'm leaving at the end of next week for a 5 day cruise, and I haven't been on a real vacation in a long, long time either. I'm SO looking forward to it!!! I have told a few of my clients who pre-book, because I had to move their regular appointments back a week. I've just been telling callers when my next available appointment is without explaining that I'll be gone on vacation. I plan to leave a message on my answering machine stating the dates I'll be closed without explaining why.
      Have fun on your vacation!


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