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    Been grooming for 20 years. Never had a problem. Took a new customer with 2 small dogs in bad condition. They need to be shaved.
    customer was happy when she picked up dogs. 2 days after she said they were scratching told her that was normal. Next day she says I got both ears on her dogs. Impossible I told her.
    After 9 days she took her dogs to the vet, she was given cleanser and cream. 168$ vet bill.
    She has been harassing me non stop to pay or she will seek a lawyer.
    In order to stop her from continually bothering me. He sent her a bank transfer of 120$ without any responsibility. I also felt bad for her dogs and again said I did nothing wrong.
    She is still threatening to get a lawyer for 46$ difference....
    How do you stop customers like this ????

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    My contract says vet visit must be within 48 hours. I'd pay the bill at this point and she'd never be welcome back. I take tons of photos just for this purpose
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      You can't fix crazy.
      She is not going to get a lawyer, so ignore that.
      I would pay her off, and hope her tormented soul finds peace someday.


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        Judge Judy would kick her ass out the door! I guess for $46 more, it's worth it to never hear from her again. You're lucky it took you 20 years to come up with this kind of client. I like Partis idea of 48 hrs.
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

        Groom on!!!


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          Ignore her. I’ve found that’s the best thing to do with those who have zero grounds for their complaints. I’ve even peppered it with very forceful words in person telling them how I really feel about their bullying techniques. This career really brings out the crazies. (Got to get a really thick skin unfortunately) It’s why I’m hesitant to take ANY new clients. It’s always the new ones. They’re trouble frequently, and I always ask WHY??? they’re looking for a new groomer. I look for a valid excuse as to why they’re calling a new groomer, if they start to hesitate in their explanation as to why they’re looking for an appt with me, I decline them.


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            I had a customer years ago that tried to tell me that I caused an ear infection on her dog. I had told her upon pick up that I thought she should have the ears looked at by the vet. She was trying to get me to pay the bill so I told her that the only way I'd pay would be if I spoke to the vet directly and if he thought it was my fault, I'd make payment directly to him. Called vet. I thought vet was going to fall out of his chair laughing so hard. He said "that infection has been going on a long time, there is no way you caused it." Case closed. Anyway, next time, call the vet and never pay the customer.


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              FYI... Ive been grooming for over 45yrs, there are ALWAYS going to be crazy people. Best rule of ? once you transition to a home based or visiting groomer (I did that back in the 80's) always ask for owners to look over the pet, make sure they notice anything, ANYTHING they are possibly going to try to scam you on and keep a little notebook for all appts... ask them to just initial it that they looked over everything.