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Schnauzer grooming 101...the face

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  • Schnauzer grooming 101...the face

    am not the world’s foremost expert when it comes to grooming the miniature schnauzer, I will admit, but I DO have two first place in competitions with this breed and my shop does on average 15-20 per week, sometimes more, because we have so many schnauzer breeders locally. As a result I feel like I may know enough to help you learn a few things.

    I am going to put out a series of blogs on this breed, and at the end it will be turned into a booklet for sale that you can print out and keep in a ring bound notebook for reference. There will be much more detail in the printed version that the free one published here, but be patient! There is a lot more planned for this upcoming year.
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    Great blog..........the one thing that catches my eye on so many schnauzers that have been professional groomed is the beard. It usually is 6" long, with absolutely no shape. Jodi Murphy DVD shows that you have the dog's nose facing upward, and with your free hand, press the beard next to the throat. Then with you curved scissors, you trim the beard from one side to the next in a curved line. When the dog's muzzle is now looking forward, the side view of the beard shows that the hair closest to the throat is very short, and the further towards the nose, the longer, giving it a square look, which is very attractive to the eye. I am happy to see that I've been grooming my schnauzers properly, following all of your guidelines. I hope that all the young groomers take advantage of your generous offer for printing out the detailed instructions on doing a schnauzer properly.

    Happy printing

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      It took me years to get my lines right. I used to leave too much hair in general.
      I see most newer groomers the same things, bib. Skirt, lumpy shoulders, too high of lines, too sharp of lines with no blending. Etc.

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