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An Important Thing To Bring To A Grooming Show

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  • An Important Thing To Bring To A Grooming Show

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    Well......this may be true for the person who owns a shopping bag on wheels, but what about the people who are struggling thru the aisle of ANY pet grooming expo and having to maneuver around thousands of carts. Also a lot of people seem to think that they can not afford a babysitter, so they bring their infant child, in a huge baby carriage and slowly go down the rows of booths. I only go to PetQuest and Hershey, and both places are packed with carts, baby carriages plus thousands of shoppers, all going down the rows, bumping and stumbling our way thru.

    Happy leaving carts and babies home

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      Right on Dolly! Getting around Hershey last fall was most difficult. People actually had those soft sided four wheeled wagons with long pull handles (think Radio Flyer made out of camp chair fabric) there.! While these wheeled devices may be helpful and save your arms and back, please remember if you go this route to PLEASE have some "cart etiquette" (or stroller etiquette for the baby shoppers). Parking your shopping limo and/or deluxe stroller length wise in front of the booth so the rest of us are unable to browse the merchandise is just plain rude. So is stopping in the middle of the aisle. Remember...manners matter!


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        Amen Dolly & Wild4 - very well said!

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          Wet Noze it is a good idea but they are right, what a traffic jam it is.


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            Yep but I can live with it. I like getting my shopping out of the way one day, and then spend the next day or 2 on other things.