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Mobile Grooming In The Winter

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  • Mobile Grooming In The Winter

    Well, I just posted a new blog on mobile grooming in the winter. It's a little depressing but it's the cold, hard truth. Hope you find it helpful.

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    Wow, that was a really good read. I just started mobile the end of Oct. so winter has been hard already and it just started. Most of your ideas I am already incorporating after reading so many threads here, but I loved the homedic parafin for hands. I have a terrible time with cracking in the winter. For sure going to try that. Thanks for writing your book. I bought it before I had completely made up my mind on going mobile. (Have been in a shop for 28 years.) It was informative and helped answer a lot of questions.


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      Yeah, sigh, I had a frozen water pump today. Not the tank, just the pump. Even though I had a heater pointed directly at it on high, it wasn't enough so I broke down and plugged in the other heater too. Just trying to keep the electric bills down. Took about 10 minutes with the hairdryer on it to get it going, but thankfully, she has never failed me. When I first went mobile I had no clue about how to take care of the van in the winter and was emptying the tank every night thinking that was all I needed to do, but the water pump kept freezing on me. I could never get all the water out of that and teh fresh tank goes directly to the water pump which is outside the tank since my water is heated via the engine. I didn't even realize I could use an outside faucet to fill my tank. I run a hose from the sink in the basement to fill with hot water before I start for the day. there are so many variations in mobile, it is so interesting to read what everyone else does! I keep an oil heater and a forced air heater in the back. I bought a cermic but when I plugged it in it didn't work so have to take that back and the forced air will be replaced with the ceramic. Since that is what everyone says they use I figured it must be better than the forced air heater. I also have to plug in my block heater under the hood since it's an old diesel. Took me a while to figure how to get everything plugged in without blowing the breaker LOL. I've been told last winter was exceptionally hard and since I made it through that one, this one should be a piece of cake (knock on wood). Definitely something I didn't really think about before going mobile.
      Great blog!
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