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Our contact free drop off and pick up set up

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  • Our contact free drop off and pick up set up

    Even when the immediate threat is lessened and the shelter in place orders are lifted, this is something that I will likely keep in place for a few weeks just to be on the safe side. the bonus is that I am getting all my steps in EASILY!

    If you are not under a shelter in place order you can NEVER be too safe these days.
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      I took your suggestions and adjusted them slightly for my setup.
      I was never comfortable with the veterinarians system of going out to someone’s car. I just felt that I couldn’t social distance adequately that way. I liked your idea with the crates better.

      My business is in a strip mall. I place a crate at the door entrance. This blocks people from trying to enter when the door is open.

      The crates I use have tops that fully open. Clients have an easier time lowering a dog into the crate rather then pushing the reluctant “what are we doing now” dog through the kennel door.
      The client takes off leash and collar.
      Im standing inside shop giving helpful instructions/suggestions. Once dog is in crate and undressed, client steps back, I step forward and close top of crate.

      Dog is then brought into the shop, taken out of the crate with gloved hands and goes straight to the tub.
      Crate is disinfected and set up for next client.

      Upon pick up, we place dog back in crate, owner puts on collar and leash, lifts dog out of crate and away they go!
      This is working well for us. Thank you for your suggestions!

      For the big dogs, or small dogs that are too heavy for owners to pick up and place in crate.
      We have them put on one of our slip leads, take their collars off, and hand us the end of the leash. These leashes are taken off the dog and immediately placed in the washing machine to be cleaned.
      We are still tweaking this system some. I have attached two slip leads together to give me an 8 foot distance instead of 4 feet. It’s still a bit awkward but working for the most part.

      So again THANK YOU for your suggestions. I do appreciate them!


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