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Tax issue that hit me for selling used equipment early on depreciation

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  • Tax issue that hit me for selling used equipment early on depreciation

    Well I am going to have new depreciable things for my new place but I sold some newer equipment from 2 years ago. I wrote them off fully. CPA said you cannot do that Helly. You have to go back to regular depreciation if you sell them offer earlier than 5 years. Oh well I have to adjust this year, but I will have new writeoffs on deprecation for the new things I am buying. Live and learn.

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    There was an article in last month Groomer To Groomer on precisely this issue. It was educational to read.


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      Many people don't even report the sale, but true that is the law to follow.
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        Yes that was my thought, who is being that honest to say you know that thing I bought I sold it. I suppose if the money goes into the business bank you would do it.


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          Never been there in that I tend to keep things much longer than the depreciation period should that happen. I love having backup crates, machinery whatever around.


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            Ended up it didn't leave me owing any more.