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The Right Clipper for a Cocker?

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  • The Right Clipper for a Cocker?

    Hi there,
    I'm a pet owner doing my own grooming at home for the past year. I have a maltese and an American Cocker Spaniel. My Andis MBG-2 clippers were ok for the maltese, but when I started using them on the cocker they got really LOUD and they seem not to be efficient with her coat. I have taken them apart, cleaned the housing and blades, etc.

    What would be a good, long-lasting clipper that I can use for both? I don't mind spending money, but I *would* like for this to be the last clipper I buy for awhile! Thank you - I couldn't have done it without lurking on this forum.

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    I have the Andis Excel 5 speed that I love. I've never had one bit of trouble with it either. But I'll let the Cocker breeders weigh in for ya!
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      Your attachments are still pending so can't see clippers you are using.....could be blade drive oe just the blade needing sharping.
      However, I am in agreement with Daesue......I use the Andis Excels, have for love my 5 speed Excels. They can be a but pricey for someone not earning a living with them.
      I have a Furzone 2 speed clipper that is a very nice clipper (a back up for my back up excels, lol). I would part with them to you, if interested let me know. They have only been used 3 times and not on a whole dog then (I have used the blade for my Excels though so you would need to purchase a blade or two. Check them out on, that is where I purchased them from.
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        I am guessing that clipper came in a clipper 'kit'. Those are usually almost disposable clippers to be honest. Cocker hair is in a whole nother ballpark than most dogs lol! Get yourself an excel and a 7f blade for the back and you'll be a happy camper.


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          Will do! Thank you.