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  • Best cordless clippers

    Hi all I'm currently using auscalap fav 5 clippers with blade they weigh 800 grams . I'm a busy groomer and groom many dogs a day . Recently my hands have been aching lots. So have decided to buy a pair of cordless. I was looking at the heinager sapphire ones. What Ones do you guys recommend . I need something light that maybe takes a5 blades and will cut through matted coats fast. Plus be heavy duty and not take too long to charge . Thanks in advance

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    Some quick research reveals that this should be a solid choice. I have no personal knowledge of the brand and hope others lol chi,eminent with their experiences.. I use WAHL products and almost exclusively use the lighter cordless clippers to the great benefit of my hands and wrists.


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      I have the Heiniger Saphir. I've been running it for maybe two years, and I don't have any complaints about it.


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        I have no opinion on those clippers but love the Andis Excel. Not only light but skinny enough to feel comfortable while working.
        That may be more of your problem than the actual weight of the clipper, the ergonomics. May I also say I know and have employed several power groomers who I feel burned themselves out and all have achy hands from grooming large numbers of pets per week. Bad backs and hands.

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          I own corded Andis super 2 speed, 3 Wahl cordless ( due to wrist pain) and a sapphire heininger. It's balance is very nice, runs well, very slim where you hold it.
          Mine was bought secund hand but it runs slow ( like I wouldn't want to use it for final finish) great for ruff in, wet shave etc. B

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            Excel is probably the best for you as Tom said, but own several Wahl.


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              Excel fan love my Excel 5 speed clippers....Wahl Bravura fan as well for cordless
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