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    DO y'all like love or hate it? Reason is I used some a client brought for her BRT . WILL see the dog again in 2 weeks to make a call of my own. Just curious. And for users of this will the terrier one work for any coat I want texture on? Say poodle .

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    I like their brush, I have the pin brush made of wood and I love it. Never tried their shampoos!


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      Meh... I tried it on my show dogs and wasn't impressed.


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        I love the Hair revitalizer and instant Anti Stat for scissoring poodles and bichons and adding some texture to drop coats. I also use the Super Cleaning and Conditioning shampoo dilutes really well rinses clean nice scent that lasts a couple of days I have used this one for about 10yrs on my own pups and I use it for some special clients because its very gentle. Ive also used some of the whitening shampoos over the years not that different from any others but I have never used their conditioners they just seem to heavy to me. I have used their slicker brushes for years they last a long time.


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          I finally tried some and it's OK, slickers are pretty good.