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Bad sharpening ?

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  • Bad sharpening ?

    So I've done sharpened my tools by a new professional, I have 2 same blade length of each and I kept one for the first needs sharpening. And I just opened my fresh sharp blade and oh not working!!! I tried to clean it up, nothing!
    How long is supposed to last a sharpening ?

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    Sharpening should last longer. But there are lots and lots of poor sharpeners out there too especially of groomer stuff. I suggest Jeff Andrews of Northern Tails or others recommended on this board. Jeff writes lots of articles on what you are asking I think it is


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      Not all sharpeners are created equal, so to speak. Sometimes they mainly sharpen kitchen knives so they are not as experienced with grooming blades/shears. When you find one that does good job, stick with that sharpener.
      Call your sharpener and let him know they blade is not working, he should try to fix it or at least get your money back.

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        Agree about Jeff. He explained on the radio show here how you have to sharpen different for human stylist tools and pet stylist tools as I remember. Ask admin for the show you can listen to it. Not sure if your sharpener specializes in groomer needs but if not, maybe the answer.


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          A sharpened blade should last as long as a new one. Lots and lots of bad sharpeners out there. I would ask other groomers in your area who they use. I'm pretty sure shipping to Jeff would be cost prohibitive for you.


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            Check with the larger pet product suppliers they sometimes have depts for service. As Parti said, referral is best best.


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              Have you found someone Frenchie?


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                Have you checked the blade drive on your clipper? I usually put in a new one when I have blades done.

                Check with other groomers to see who they use. Hairdressers and vets may also be a good resource.
                Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                Groom on!!!