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Love :( owners that try to groom their own pets

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  • Love :( owners that try to groom their own pets

    Did I miss something? I have had a crush if owners that have been having at their dogs. Poor things come I. Looking like they've tangled with a weed whacker. Wouldn't mind so much if they didn't carve such HUGE chunks out of places that can't be blended.
    The one today that pushed me over the edge was a shih with an absolutely gorgeous coat ( looked like black marble) and they had cut straight across the back, legs and then they went at the tail ! They wanted me to 'leave it as long as you can '. Ended having to do a modified Asian with a 4sc body and scissor/blend the legs to leave long. The tail was a problem with the chopped lines across the top. So I created a flag tail by thinning the top and rounding out the sides and bottom.
    Face got shortened crown and cheeks , no beard, shaved lips, and I shaved the ear leather and left some 'fringe' on the edges.
    Sorry. Wish I knew how to post pics.

    Anyhow - I really want to scream to the wind -----
    "put down the scissors and pick up a brush ! !!!!!!"

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    Similar for cat grooming. For some reason, many owners think that grooming means to bathe their cats and cut out mats, not to brush their cats. So they bathe, don't do more than a few strokes of the brush, and the cat is packed with undercoat.
    They make it so much harder for themselves.


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      I can always tell a home haircut. Body taken down really short but choppy because they didn't wash and dry the dog first. Half the time the legs are not done, most of the time the feet are left with huge hairy slippers. Sani not done... and they always shave a big bald patch on the top of the head so the dog can see.. but leave huge wads of hair in front of the eyes... I just don't get it.


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        Sure, it's annoying dealing with a home job, but in my experience, these people become the best clients. They think they can do just a good a job as the groomer so they go for it. Only with awful results. Then they appreciate the work you do more. Not saying it happens every time, but more often than not. Just me, but I'm always up front with the home groomer clients. I tell them that I *could have done something awesome and cute had they not tried first. Usually by the second visit there's enough hair to work with and they are thrilled! The thing that bugs me with the client who tries the DIY approach is the chance for injury.


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          I've had more than one dog come in missing part of its ear from parents home grooming.


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            I have a Maltese that her "grandma" always cut down her face right before I come! And she has bad jaw, so if I could let her a little more of hair on muzzle that would hide this fault, but no she cut from nose to head's back and lines are really chopped deep, so even clipping the head at 7 you'll still see it.


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              I have a client that no matter how many times I tell her not to trim so short, or just bring her in between grooms for her face and feet, or I can make her look so much cuter if you stop trimming at home, there are times I do her face/muzzle with a 10 and can still see her chop marks. I don't know how she hasn't cut her wide open with the scissors. O.o