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  • Blending/thinning shear

    We have had springer spaniels in our family for the last 30 years. I have been clipping them for most of those years. I have been using a cheap thinning shears and would like to upgrade. I recently bought one that did not cut our springers fur. She has soft silky fur. I was told the shears I tried was more suitable for coarser hair. My question is what would be a good thinning/blending shear that cuts silky soft fur. I have now been looking at the GEIB brand. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Kenchii shears offer superior customer service IMO. Trying them out at a show would be best, but if that is not possible you can call them and tell them what your needs are and they will match you with the correct shears.


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      I read here about Jodi's and got hers. Very pleased.


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        Originally posted by wild4westies View Post
        Kenchii shears offer superior customer service IMO.
        100% agreed. I love Kenchii. Top of the line, never given me any trouble, love the different blenders and thinners they have available.