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  • scissor material questions

    I've been trying to do some research on shears before I head off to the show in Pasadena next week. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on VG-10 vs Molybdenum alloy and Molybdenum alloy vs 440c. I currently have a pair of shark fin gold line curves with the swivel which I do like. They're 440C. I noticed that their competition line is made of VG-10. Also Chis Christenssen celestial shears are VG-10 for half the price(thoughts?). Then there's the sensei shears which are made of Duralite Molybdenum Alloy with a Cryogenically tempered convex edge. From what I understand the VG-10 is a superior steel to the 440C but I'm having a hard time finding anything on the Molybdenum Alloy.

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    "... Molybdenum alloy is added to increase toughness and strength." This is a description from the Kenchii website. I use and love Kenchii shears and remembered reading about the materials there. Hope it helps a little. The VG-10 I don't know anything about so hopefully someone else can help.


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      Go to this website regarding VG-10 for an explanation of this steel regarding scissors........ or just Goggle VG-10

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