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Wahl KM 10 clippers?

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  • Wahl KM 10 clippers?

    I am new to grooming and right now i have a 2 speed andis clipper that is like a brick. It's a good clipper, but the thing is sooo heavy! so i started saving all my tips which i am thinking that when i save enough, then i will get the wahl km10 and bravura kit. i have used bravuras before and i love them, and the km10 is a light clipper. they both have excellent reviews. i will keep my andis as an extra. does any one have a km10? do you like it? pro and cons?


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    I am also new to grooming and love my KM10 and Bravura. They are both sooo quiet and light. I have small hands so need something light that I can easily manipulate in my hands. I like the Bravura better because it's cordless.


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      I bought 2 Wahls KM5's last year and I LOVE them. They are nice and light so my hand never gets tired like they used to using the Andis. I highly recommend them!