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Left-handed sissors

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  • Left-handed sissors

    Im a lefty groomer and I seem to have a hard time finding scissors that actually cut so I want to hear some others advice on what they use. I currently have stilettos and I like them but I want something different.

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    Did you learn on lefties??

    If you didn't learn scissoring with left-handed scissors, you had to modify your grip in order to make them cut. Then when you use lefty shears, that same grip will counteract the pressure on the blades required for them to cut.

    Just wondering if that may be happening to you, because any decent quality shear should cut, but you said you are having a problem.


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      They were super ****** cheap lefties, and my trainer was a righty so that was an issue. I know Ive changed my pressure and they seem to work better but I always have to have them super tight to get the tips to cut.


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        I know kenchii makes five stars and one of the higher end varieties in a true lefty and think Chris Christiansen has some lefties too.


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          Left Handed Scissors

          I am a left handed groomer and I have been using Gieb scissors for about 5 years. I love them and they are holding up really well. I also have Oster and they are great too. Good Luck!